The Station

The Friends of Blue Anchor Station


Photo by Ian Preater


Both platforms have "RUNNING IN BOARDS", large wooden signs with the station name in cast iron letters. The one on the up platform is supported on GWR cast iron pillars. Sunk into the bank near the museum is the cast iron BOUNDARY POST which once marked the limits of the railway owned land at Minehead. It is mounted on an old section of Brunel's broad gauge "bridge" rail, often used for such purposes - look out for more of this rail used as fence posts etc.

There are numerous ancient GWR SACK TRUCKS and TROLLEYS in use at Blue Anchor, also an old Post Office mail trolley from Liskeard Station in Cornwall. Many of the pieces of LUGGAGE and MILK CHURNS on view, which travelled on the line in years gone by, were donated by local people. The station has had various LIGHTING SYSTEMS over the years, all based on pressurised parafin lamps (note those in the Waiting Room). The "latest" scheme reverts to that of the turn of the century, with recently acquired authentic GWR cast iron lamp standards as seen in old photographs of Blue Anchor. Reproduction tops of the correct pattern have been made, although electricity now illuminates the platforms for the first time in the station's history. The COLOUR SCHEME at Blue Anchor is the old GWR light and dark stone, with certain details, signs etc. black, white or chocolate brown. The somewhat gloomy green and brown interior of the waiting room is quite authentic as samples scraped from the walls of various old stations have shown, but since colour schemes varied slightly over the years, the best we can hope achieve is the right sort of "feel". As an economy measure the GWR only issued DARK STONE PAINT, leaving the painters to mix the "light" colour by adding white. Having tried this rather unsuccessfully with modern colours, we now get ours ready mixed, but no doubt there were many variations produced in the old days!

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to Blue Anchor. As you can see, there is still much work to be done before the station is restored to its former Great Western glory. Donations towards this are always gratefully received, and if you would like to join the team and lend a hand then you would be made most welcome.